Carole was one of the best realtors we used to sell a condo in Warwick Grove. She was diligent, personable, professional and caring. We would highly recommend Carole if you are thinking of selling. She understands the local market very well and is persistent in leveraging her contacts to ensure your home is marketed properly. She will work hard for you and always follows through on her promises. – Karen Piombino 


"It was a pleasure from start to finish with Susan Schneider and her partner Carole Rogers." – Hugh McCabe


"Susan is the BEST! She handled our transaction like the pro she is. Anytime we had a concern or issue she solved them quickly. Janice and I are very happy with her. We would strongly recommend her as your real estate agent." – David Lefebvre

"Susan is a highly and professional real estate operator. She has fulfilled every expectation we had when we contracted with her for the sale of our home." 

– Barry Karetnick

"Recently I had the opportunity to work with Susan Schneider while in a whirlwind of selling two houses and buying another with my partner. Susan was involved in every aspect of the sales and did a wonderful job of not only making it all happen but being very positive and supportive along the way, which I needed! She's terrific and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a smooth and professional experience buying or selling." – Dr. Catherine Kelly


"Susan has two very important qualities that elevate her to the next level in her profession. She anticipates and helps you plan the next course of action. She thoughtfully explains her reasoning and patiently listens to your concerns. Together she helps you come up with a plan. Her honesty and professionalism made the process so much nicer. Susan was always responsive when we reached out to her and took the initiative to reach out and follow-up with us when needed. I would highly recommend Susan Schneider." – David White


"I have owned many homes and have owned my own business with partners for 35 years. And I have seen many sales people in many different field selling many different products and what the really great sales person has is a wonderful combination of the ability to listen, truly hearing, giving solid feed back, advance the product image and benefits and then overcoming questions and objection in the buyers decision process. Those skills require a mix of patience and tenancy that come with years of business experience. Susan Schneider has that experience and a wonderful personality that softens her hard driving use of all of her selling skills. It is nice to be guided rather than sold." – Louis Marquet


"Susan Schneider was one of the best real estate agents we ever had. She immediately contacted us as soon as a property that she knew would be of interest to us would come on the market. It is thanks to her that we are now living in our dream home. She was knowledgeable, helpful, proactive, reactive, patient, always kept us informed and was always available and reachable. Her sunny personality combined with her professionalism made it a delight to deal with her. In view of all the qualities that Susan Schneider has demonstrated during the searching process and the purchasing process, we would heartily recommend Susan Schneider to any family/friend looking to buy a property." – Catherine DeSeze

"Carole: Thank you, thank you, thank you! When I was considering moving to the Warwick area, I never dreamed it would happen so smoothly and so fast. The first time you showed me Warwick Grove I knew that that was where I wanted to be. I've heard from friends that moving could be a stressful experience. Having lived in the same house for over 43 years the only stress I experienced was packing all the things I accumulated over that time. The move itself, once I was all packed up, went like a dream thanks to you and your team. Your professionalism, knowledge of the area, patience, guidance and friendship made my move to Warwick Grove a great experience. I'm so happy that this new chapter in my life includes you and your friendship." – Lynn Merkle Ruvolo‎ 


"When I met Carole I had just about given up on purchasing a home. I had a few discouraging experiences with other agents. But Carole's ambitious and extreme professionalism gave me hope. She not only showed me my dream house but made the purchasing process a breeze. I would not only recommend her as an agent but I can honestly say that I consider her a friend." – Sonia Rivera

"We found Carole to be very professional having done her 'homework,' highly knowledgeable about the region, and seemingly well connected with others to guide us through the process in and around Warwick. Her human qualities are not to be overlooked. She has a depth of human experience and family life that adds to her 'tool kit' for real estate sales and a good sense of humor, not to take ourselves too seriously." ​– Bob and Debbie, Gladstone, NJ

"Carole and Susan are consummate professionals. Not only that, but they are just good people! They work with you to understand your needs, answer your questions (and get answers if they don't know), and most importantly, follow-through on their commitments. Building a new home can be a stressful process, and Carole made it less so with her upbeat personality and having integrity to her word. You won't go wrong using this team for your real estate needs!" – Gloree Parker-Roden, Warwick, NY

"[We] have dealt with Carole a number of times in the renting, purchasing and selling of homes in the Warwick area. She was incredibly professional and helpful in every aspect of the process. We would highly recommend Carole and her team." – Carol Mauzey, Warwick, NY


"We purchased our Warwick Grove home from Carole in 2006. We absolutely love it!! My Mom then purchased a condo here from Carole in 2008. She absolutely loves her home as well!! In addition to being the consummate professional, Carole is a warm and personable woman, to this day stopping by to say hello, compliment us on our home or ask about Mom with genuine concern and friendship. Whether buying or selling, I highly recommend Carole and her team!" – Lisa Falbo, Warwick, NY


"It was our pleasure to work with Carole when we built our home. She guided us through every step from start to finish. Carole proved to be very knowledgeable of the entire process. She not only was very professional but also took a personal interest to assure that the project was completed timely and met all of our expectations. We would recommend Carole without any reservations." - Barbara and John Fiore, Warwick, NY


"Susan will sell your house quickly and efficiently or find you a place to live with the same dedication and professionalism. She is very honest, hardworking and one of the kindest people I've ever met." - Markella Nash, Warwick, NY

"Buying a home was a first time experience for me and I'm ever so grateful that Susan was my real estate agent. She listened to my wants and needs and found the perfect home. She led me through the buying process in a very clear and calm manner which I deeply appreciate." -Shirley MacKay, Warwick, NY